Reviving Vintage Necklaces

If I had known how fun it is to accept commission pieces, I would have started searching them out a long time ago! I’m working on making two vintage necklaces a little easier to wear casually. Both necklaces have sentimental value to their owner, so I want to make sure I am making them a little more interesting without making them unrecognizable.

I apologize for the sad cell phone pictures. When I get them finished I’ll have better photos to share!

The first piece is a jade necklace that’s knotted with a box clasp. The string pulled out of the cup, causing her to lose a bead or two. I’m going to redo this necklace using sterling findings and some amazing Hill Tribe Silver beads.

vintage jade necklace

This necklace is awkwardly sized, and the pendant is rather large. I’ll replace the chain with a longer one, and also make a “statement” necklace that will sit closer to the neck that can be worn with or without the pendant.

beccas pendant


I’ll be sharing the results here soon!


Celebrate Summer with a Coupon

Summer Spike necklace

© cherryonion 2013

I know it’s still snowing in some places around the country, but in Fresno we are already feeling the beginnings of summer. The only thing that counteracts the oppressive summer heat is being proactive and super positive about what’s coming. So hit the shops, hit Pinterest or Craftster, and make or buy yourself something nice to get ready!

Green Leaf Earings by Cherryonion on Etsy

© cherryonion 2013

If you’re looking for a new piece of jewelry to wear out to a picnic or party, or a new set of stitch markers to go with your summer sock knitting, use coupon code CUESTA at cherryonion.etsy.com for 25% off any purchase over $25. This coupon expires May 31, 2013, so pick up something new for summer today!


Etsy Treasury: Take the Last Train

I am really pleased with my latest Etsy treasury. I started looking at photographs showing some urban blight, as the colors and patterns of urban decay influence my work. I chose a few that had the color red in common, then built from there. I think that it tells a story, if in a disjointed way. I’m looking forward to telling more stories this way.

‘Take the Last Train’ by cherryonion

Vintage Red LINGERIE Night G…


Detroit Photograph, Real Men…


Graffiti Photo BALTIMORE Urb…


The Little Red Dress


Hand cut leather briefcase -…


Sorry I’m Late (Women)


1950’s Vintage Red Leath…


Marlboro Cigarette Tank Top …


Red dress, flapper style, pl…


Fork It Over Money Clip


Vintage Dollar Sign


Raleigh Red Doors Downtown U…


Money Clip: Be Strong when y…


Photography- Urban decay, ol…


Red Lingerie Slip – Lace Lin…


all original 3rd Street hat….


Treasury tool supported by the dog house


New Shop Category: Knitting Stitch Markers

I’m excited to share a new category in my shop this week – knitting stitch markers! These stitch markers are made to lie nicely between your stitches. The flexible wire won’t snag the yarn, and is easy to slip from needle to needle.

I have a few more ideas for markers I want to add to the shop next month, but I’m interested – what would you like to see? Swarovski crystals? Vintage Lucite? More food?

© cherryonion 2013

© cherryonion 2013


Treasury: Monday at the Office

A couple of months ago I had to go out of town for work, and I needed several nice-but-still-awesome outfits to wear. After scouring the usual places, I ran into ModCloth. I ended up purchasing a couple of well-fitting, fun dresses. I returned a couple, too, but they make that really easy. I adore the site and it’s been the subject of more time spent ogling gorgeous clothes than I care to admit.

Many ModCloth dresses are vintage inspired. For the source, you can go to Etsy. I created a treasury of dresses that would be at home on ModCloth, but are vintage originals.

‘Monday at the Office’ by cherryonion

Start off your work week right with one of these vintage dresses in muted tones.

50s Small Dress / 50s Brown …


XL Vintage Secretary Dress B…


vintage 1950s dress / 50s sa…


Vintage Brown & White Shift …


Stunning Vintage 1950’s …


80’s black short sleeve …


VINTAGE late 50’s Plaid…


1950’s dress – dark rain…


Gorgeous 60’s Sixties Or…


70s Day Dress. Vintage Brown…


Vintage 1970’s Secretary…


Vintage 70s Dress Secretary …


Monochrome peter pan collar …


Vintage brown dress 1950s


vintage 1950s dress/ 50s bro…


Black Vintage Dress with Red…


Treasury tool supported by the dog house


Lovin’ Bloglovin’

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I’ve been looking for inspiration with regards to what I want to do with this blog. I want to talk about my work, of course, but I think before you start working on a new skill, you have to see what others are doing with it. Only when you know the rules, can you start being creative with them!

Bloglovin’ has been great for finding lifestyle, fashion, and other blogs. I like Google Blog Search too, but unless you are looking for something specific, it’s harder to browse using this.

Does anyone use any other tools to find good new blogs?


Cherishing Both Sides of Handmade

I stumbled across this blog from Poppytalk, 101 Reasons to Buy Handmade. It’s a little older, but timeless. It has reminded me that handmade items are a treasure for the receiver as well as for the maker. I was so bowled over at the lengths that Quill and Arrow Press took in their amazing packaging for a notebook I purchased as a gift. I am always tickled about how many people comment on a Scatterbrain Tee because the design is so unique and creative. I wore a Which Goose comb in my hair on my wedding day. Handmade items have a presence that mass-produced things can’t match.

I sometimes get caught up in worrying about how to make cherryonion seem more professional, but I am reminded by this blog that my favorite Etsy sellers are my favorite because of the joy they show in their work. Beyond the basics (good pictures, proper grammar) I don’t evaluate shops on their professionalism, I look at the personality behind the work. This blog reminded me to return to the joy I feel when I’m making jewelry, and the happiness I felt interacting with customers at the bazaar, helping them try on different pieces to find the right one. It is that joy that makes cherryonion what it is, not how thick or glossy my business cards are.