Cherishing Both Sides of Handmade

I stumbled across this blog from Poppytalk, 101 Reasons to Buy Handmade. It’s a little older, but timeless. It has reminded me that handmade items are a treasure for the receiver as well as for the maker. I was so bowled over at the lengths that Quill and Arrow Press took in their amazing packaging for a notebook I purchased as a gift. I am always tickled about how many people comment on a Scatterbrain Tee because the design is so unique and creative. I wore a Which Goose comb in my hair on my wedding day. Handmade items have a presence that mass-produced things can’t match.

I sometimes get caught up in worrying about how to make cherryonion seem more professional, but I am reminded by this blog that my favorite Etsy sellers are my favorite because of the joy they show in their work. Beyond the basics (good pictures, proper grammar) I don’t evaluate shops on their professionalism, I look at the personality behind the work. This blog reminded me to return to the joy I feel when I’m making jewelry, and the happiness I felt interacting with customers at the bazaar, helping them try on different pieces to find the right one. It is that joy that makes cherryonion what it is, not how thick or glossy my business cards are.


One thought on “Cherishing Both Sides of Handmade

  1. (Melissa) says:

    Meg, I think you hit it right on with “Handmade items have a presence that mass-produced things can’t match”. I love going through Etsy, and seeing all the amazing things people make. People put there heart and soul into so much of what they make, and I think that is what draws people into your product. When you make something by hand, a little piece of yourself goes with it, and that is whats going to keep people coming back. I think your blog looks very professional, and I can’t wait to see all the jewelry you add to your collection. Where is the bazaar you mentioned? I would love to stop by, and see your work.

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