Reviving Vintage Necklaces

If I had known how fun it is to accept commission pieces, I would have started searching them out a long time ago! I’m working on making two vintage necklaces a little easier to wear casually. Both necklaces have sentimental value to their owner, so I want to make sure I am making them a little more interesting without making them unrecognizable.

I apologize for the sad cell phone pictures. When I get them finished I’ll have better photos to share!

The first piece is a jade necklace that’s knotted with a box clasp. The string pulled out of the cup, causing her to lose a bead or two. I’m going to redo this necklace using sterling findings and some amazing Hill Tribe Silver beads.

vintage jade necklace

This necklace is awkwardly sized, and the pendant is rather large. I’ll replace the chain with a longer one, and also make a “statement” necklace that will sit closer to the neck that can be worn with or without the pendant.

beccas pendant


I’ll be sharing the results here soon!


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